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Welcome to Christian Union Utrecht! Fantastic that you have discovered us! We are a group of internationals and Dutch people (mostly students) in Utrecht who love God and love to make him known in the city. Every week (on Thursdays) we have events: Bible study & discussion, and also game nights, movie nights, sport nights, you name it! If you are looking for a new group of friends to hang out with, drop us a message and we'll get you stuck in! Everyone is welcome, whatever your beliefs! See you at CU!

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June 4, 8:00-9:30 PM @ Wittevrouwensingel 28, Utrecht
Singel Lecture: "Religious violence does not exist", with with David Onnekink

With the 9/11 attacks and the frequent subsequent acts of terrorism, the world witnessed a phenomenon it had thought was a remnant of the past: religious violence. It echoes ageless acts of religious fanaticism, such as the Christian crusades, Buddhist violence and Islamic jihad. It seems as if violence is an inherent dimension of religion. This lecture argues that there is no such thing as religious violence. It will do so by a historical exploration, as well as an analy- sis of acts of violence. The matter is related to the larger issue of the role of religion in modern societies.

May 21, 8:00-9:30 PM @ Wittevrouwensingel 31, Utrecht
Singel Lecture: ‘Sins of the Tongue: God, good and evil in medieval literature’

Harmful speech such as a lying, backbiting and grumbling were but a few of the speech acts that where called ‘Sins of the Tongue’ in late medieval Europe. Medieval church texts said that the tongue can break bones and can inflict considerable damage on the speaker, the listener, and other participants. Is this true? Dr Martine Veldhuizen will take us on a journey into these sins of the tongue and more general in the role religion played in Dutch medieval literature.

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